Tell us about your public domain project

Are you really passionate about opposing term extension? Are you a musician, mash-up artist, writer or film-maker?

We’re looking for examples of creativity using public domain sound recordings. It doesn’t matter what the recording is, so long as it’s more than 50 years old. So whether you want to mash-up Elvis and Florence Nightingale with your own distinctive hiphop breakbeat fourtothefloor AfroCelt raptastic stylee, or do something that’s actually cool, we’d be delighted to get a link from you.

A few ideas
We know you’ll have better ideas than we do, but if you’re really short of inspiration, here are a few thoughts to get your going.

Public Domain Mash-ups
Admit it, you love ‘em. Ray of Gob, Toxic Shack or Feel Good Casbah, some of the best music of the last 50 years has been turned into something sublime, something inspirational… something illegal. Why not scour the public domain for something slightly less infringing to use?

Short films
Are you a film maker? Or an animator? How about using public domain music to provide a soundtrack to your film or animation?

Audio stories
Narrating short stories to a suitably atmospheric accompaniement is always good for a lark.

Maybe you run a podcast featuring public domain music?

Or maybe you’re doing something completely different. Let us know!